Best Software Tools for Business Tasks

3 Best Software Tools for Primary Business Tasks

Businesses of any size will always have to deal with a set of tasks to be accomplished on the daily. But instead of doing them one by one, you can utilize a variety of tools that value automation, integration, and overall efficiency. From sending emails to scheduling posts, here are the best tools to consider.


1) MailChimp

This app was launched in 2001 and has since grown with a revenue of $525 million in 2017. MailChimp is a tool for automated marketing. And as its name implies, the app specializes in sending emails — allowing you to send a message to thousands of clients and potential customers at the same time.

Likewise, you can use it to develop effective ads geared toward Google and Facebook. There’s also the option to create landing pages and signup forms, both of which are important if you’re going to put up an online store for your business.

Automation helps you save a lot of time. Through MailChimp, you can send out birthday greetings, welcome messages, and specialized product recommendations without actually typing them yourself. Any client that cancels their online order or gets them shipped gets the appropriate reply in an instant.


2) Freshdesk

This is an app dedicated to helping your customers get their issues resolved as quickly as possible. Freshdesk gives you the tools to create a forum where your clients can look for answers to common queries and ask other people. Plus, the app suggests them possible solutions to their concerns.

You don’t even need to worry about unruly behavior in your online forum — Freshdesk provides an efficient moderation system as well. As for writers in the company, they can receive suggestions about their work in an instant through the feedback mechanism.

Furthermore, Freshdesk offers automated emails to both clients and agents regarding ticket updates. Customers can also expect instant and relevant replies to their general questions such as how to fix a VPN stuck on connecting Windows 10 with the Canned Responses feature.


3) Buffer

For social media tasks, there’s always Buffer. More than 80,000 businesses use it to automate posts and analyze their performance. With Buffer, you don’t have to get separate apps for handling your official accounts or pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter — everything is done in one place.

Once your marketing team has a schedule in mind, you can set the posts up. Let Buffer take control in posting them at the exact time and day afterward. Plus, you can view the analytics to send valuable reports to clients and executives.

Overall, there are many apps that will save businesses a lot of time, energy, and money in running small tasks every day. What matters is knowing which one to invest in first.